Why relocating your business to Dubai is now more advantageous than it has ever been!

Dubai stands as a pivotal gateway for global trade and commerce, bridging Europe with Asia, Africa, and beyond. It has evolved into a major business center, attracting a range of enterprises that establish their headquarters there to capitalize on global trade opportunities.

The city’s appeal to investors is bolstered by its dynamic business infrastructure, rapidly growing economy, advanced e-Governance, streamlined business setup processes, extensive network of business professionals, long-term residence visas, comprehensive banking solutions with both international and local commercial banks, high-quality lifestyle, the world’s lowest crime rate, and exceptional air connectivity to major global cities.

The combination of a robust business infrastructure, investor-friendly government policies, enhanced lifestyle options, and various other amenities are making Dubai an increasingly popular choice for investors to live, work, and establish their businesses.

The process of setting up a business in Dubai is efficient, though it requires adherence to specific procedures for successful company registration. New entrepreneurs are advised to seek the guidance of experienced Business Consultants for a smooth and hassle-free Business Setup in Dubai.

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How will VIP Company Setup Assist Investors in Business Setup in Dubai?

VIP Company Setup provides a comprehensive range of Business Setup Services in the UAE. Their team of skilled professionals offers tailored Business Setup Packages at the most competitive fees in Dubai, aiming to minimize the overall Business Setup Cost and accelerate the start of the investor’s entrepreneurial venture.

“The Golden Rule for Every Business is this: Put Yourself in your Customer’s Place.”
— Orison Swett Marden

Our Approach

At VIP Company Setup, we adopt an all-encompassing approach to company formation in Dubai, providing a wide range of business support services for foreign investors, essential for their business operations in the region.

Our team offers comprehensive Business Consulting Services to Global Investors, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free company setup in the UAE. Our approach to successful business establishment in the UAE includes:

Detailed Identification of Business Requirements

Investors can select from a variety of business setup packages across over 50 Free Zones and more than 4000 business activities in the UAE. The UAE’s robust business infrastructure consistently supports company incorporation and new business setups.

Our expert business consultants will thoroughly analyze the business requirements and recommend the most suitable company setup package.

  • 100% Ownership of your company in Dubai.
  • Finding a Local Sponsor/ Local Service Agents.
  • PRO and Residence Visa Assistance.
  • Trade License Renewal, Approvals, Documentation.
  • Locating an Office Space – Business Centre’s, Virtual Office, Flexi-Desks, Shared Office, Rent an Office/Cabin.
  • VAT, Accounting.
  • Company Liquidation.
  • Trademark Registration.
  • Bank Account Opening.
  • Trade Finance Consulting.
  • Chamber of Commerce Registration.
  • Customs Registration.
  • Corporate Identity.
  • Approvals.
  • Trade Name Reservation.

Designing the Optimal Company Setup Package

Our team of experts crafts the ideal Company Setup Package tailored to the specific business needs. The professionally trained Public Relations Officers (PROs) at VIP Company Setup will guide investors through the entire process of business establishment, including assistance with residence visa applications, coordination for bank account opening, and a range of other business support services.

We offer all the necessary business support to global investors at competitive service fees, encouraging new company registrations, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, facilitating global trade, and promoting business growth in the UAE.

Complete Business Setup Services Package

VIP Company Setup has crafted a complete Business Setup solution for investors, taking into account their specific business needs.

Depending on the type of business, budget, and facility requirements, our team will aid in selecting the most appropriate business jurisdiction in Dubai – whether it be Mainland, Free Zone, or Offshore. We also provide low-cost business setup packages to establish a company in the most seamless manner possible.

The following Business Setup Services in Dubai are included in our Comprehensive Business Package. This package is customized to best fit the diverse requirements of the investor.

Offering Enhanced Value-Added Services

Our team provides a range of ‘Value-Added Services’ to support the business journey of investors in the UAE.

We have specialized strategic partner consultants who are experts in ISO Consulting, ISO Auditing, and ISO Certification in the UAE, catering to the specific needs of investors.

VIP Company Setup ensures a seamless business operation for the investor by obtaining all necessary documentation, approvals, and bank accounts. Additional services like VAT, Accounting, Trade Finance Consulting, Knowledge Management Services, etc., are efficiently managed in a timely manner with our strategic partner consultants, ensuring no delays.

Office Space Services

Securing the right office and commercial space is crucial for starting a business in Dubai. The competent authorities will inspect the premises before issuing a business setup license in the UAE. Acquiring office and commercial space at a reasonable rate is a significant advantage. You can entrust VIP Company Setup with the task of finding the best office and commercial space tailored to your business needs. We will locate a space in an area conducive to your business’s growth and success.

With our extensive experience in securing optimal office spaces for various firms, we understand the unique needs of each business and the ideal location for it. Rely on us to find suitable office space at affordable rates and connect you with the right Office Lessor company through our strategic Partner consultants in the Leasing department.

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Specialized Consulting and Comprehensive Business Setup Service

Our team offers specialized consulting in business incorporation, beginning with assessing the business requirements and extending beyond obtaining the business license.

The business setup process in Dubai is contingent on the chosen company structure and the business jurisdiction. VIP Company Setup’s Professional Consulting services encompass the complete spectrum of business setup, including the issuance of trade licenses and residency arrangements in the UAE.