Dubai, recognized as an international business hub, is famed for its world-class infrastructure and facilities, offering limitless opportunities for business owners. Forming a mainland company in Dubai brings several advantages, including a broad spectrum of business activities and the freedom to trade both locally and internationally.

Upon selecting your company’s activity and structure, you can obtain one of the three primary types of licenses in Mainland: Professional, Commercial, or Manufacturing / Industrial. The nature of your company also dictates the need for a local sponsor, who traditionally held 51% of the shares, or a local service agent, who acts as the company’s liaison with government entities. However, recent changes in UAE company law now allow for majority foreign ownership in many cases, enabling 100% sole ownership in many sectors.

The general process for setting up a mainland company involves 10 key steps, and our experts are dedicated to assisting you through each one. We ensure that you select the most suitable and beneficial options for your business, based on real data and up-to-date market analysis.

The main benefits of establishing a mainland company in Dubai include:

  • The flexibility to choose business premises anywhere in Dubai.
  • The capability to engage in a diverse array of business activities.
  • The liberty to trade anywhere within the UAE or internationally.
  • Recent changes in UAE law now permit majority foreign ownership for many licenses, allowing for 100% ownership in several sectors.

Types of License

Obtaining the right license is a crucial step for initiating a business in Dubai mainland. Trade licenses in Dubai/UAE are categorized according to the nature of the business activity. A valid license is the essential requirement for starting any business in Dubai. Depending on the business type, licenses are issued under four main categories:

Professional License

This license type is designed for professionals looking to start their businesses in the Emirates. A professional license is applicable for specific industries such as Carpentry, Artisanship, Consultancy services, Printing and Publishing, Beauty salons, Repair services, and project management services in Dubai and the UAE. It presents a promising opportunity for business aspirants aiming to launch their ventures in Dubai. This means that 100% ownership in the UAE is not limited to free zones, as entrepreneurs in the UAE can have full ownership for certain trading activities.

If you have queries about the professional license, including its cost in Dubai, issuance process, and formalities, VIP Company Setup is here to assist. We have a track record of aiding clients in establishing professional entities in their preferred locations. Our team of professionals will also share their expertise and experience with clients to maximize the benefits of their professional company.

We are at your service for selecting the location to establish your firm, arranging office space, and obtaining support from official authorities. With strong relationships with authorized governmental agencies and officials, VIP Company Setup ensures a smooth process in obtaining your professional license in the UAE without any delays.

Commercial License

For those looking to start a business in Dubai, obtaining a commercial license is mandatory. The type of license required varies depending on the nature of the business and the area of operation. These licenses are issued by the Department of Economic Development. Individuals aiming to establish a trading business in Dubai must secure a commercial license, which authorizes the buying and selling of goods and services. Based on the specific activity you wish to engage in, VIP Company Setup will assist you in determining and acquiring the appropriate license needed for your business.

Industrial License

Dubai’s advanced logistics and infrastructure significantly contribute to its industrial growth. As a pivotal trading hub connecting the East and the West, Dubai also boasts a geographical advantage. For those involved in industrial manufacturing and looking to establish an industrial enterprise in Dubai or the UAE, obtaining an Industrial License is a fundamental requirement. An industrial license in Dubai enables manufacturing and industrial businesses to produce either semi-manufactured or fully manufactured goods. The scope of activities under an industrial license in Dubai includes production, segregation, collection, packaging, and more. For an industrial trade license in the UAE, it’s mandatory for the business to maintain a physical warehouse within the country. The Department of Economic Development commonly issues this license.

As a company owner, you will need approvals from Dubai Municipality and other relevant authorities for the issuance of this license. VIP Company Setup assists our clients in obtaining these necessary approvals, streamlining the process for establishing their industrial presence in the UAE.

Tourism License

For companies operating in the travel and tourism sector of Dubai and the UAE, a valid Tourism License is essential. Given Dubai’s status as a major tourist destination, the demand for Tourism Licenses in Dubai is increasing annually. Entrepreneurs planning to start a tourism business in Dubai need to secure a tourism license. In Dubai, there are three main types of tourism licenses:

  1. Inbound Tourism License
  2. Outbound Tourism License
  3. Travel Agency License (for acting as a travel agent)

VIP Company Setup offers tourism license services in Dubai and the UAE to assist individuals in establishing tourism businesses throughout the country. At VIP Company Setup, we ensure smooth and comprehensive tourism license services, adhering to all the necessary registration procedures.

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