We are a team of experts with extensive experience in business development for a variety of commercial organizations and investment opportunities.

With VIP Company Setup, starting a business anywhere in the UAE is made simple! We handle company creation and relieve you of all stress, from business consulting to real estate, licensing your company, and residency. From PRO services to the construction and renting of companies and offices, we offer comprehensive A-to-Z services. At VIP Company Setup, we provide quality services, ensuring you can start your business seamlessly and at a convenient cost.

We support clients in the processes of construction, marketing, contracting, and residency, as well as in fostering both local and international business developments. Our expertise encompasses, but is not limited to, areas such as Governance, Risk Management, Business Development across Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore locations, Board Evaluation, Loan Recovery & Restructuring, Corporate Governance, Digital Marketing, Branding & Marketing, Business Restructuring, Business Process Improvement, Business Plan Writing, Accounting, and Taxation Services. This is achieved through VIP Company Setup and our strategic business partners.

Why choose us

We are passionate about our work and excel in what we do!

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Leading Experts

With a team of experts boasting over six years of experience, we are dedicated to the development of various businesses, providing our clients with innovative and tailored strategies.

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High Quality Standards

The foremost firm in management consulting, business establishment, and capital development, expert in aiding organizations to formulate and realize their ambitions.

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Flexible Solutions

By choosing VIP Company Setup as your partner, you gain a remarkable blend of human intelligence and technology, dedicated to the success of your business.

Flexible Prices

Aware of the fast-paced changes in the business world, we commit to guiding your company through this transition, with innovation at the core of our efforts, aiding cutting-edge companies in shaping a better future.

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How we work

Don't just keep busy, try to be efficient!

First Contact

Contact with our agent's by phone, what'sApp, E-mail and they will assist you immediately.

Detailed strategy

For an efficient consultation, bring your business plan, key milestones, vision, and official documents to our office.


Our experts streamline your visa process and travel to the Emirates, along with offering concierge services, for a hassle-free experience.


Our team schedules an efficient appointment, aiming to make the meeting effective and to minimize your travel costs to the UAE.

Final Strategy

We compile all the necessary information quickly, including the cost, to start your project without delay.

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