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VIP Company Setup provides comprehensive A-Z business solutions in Dubai, designed to elevate your business to new heights. Our experienced team is equipped to assist with everything from business setup to managing day-to-day operations and more. Our extensive service range includes company formation, PRO services, accounting and bookkeeping, HR and payroll, among others, all bolstered by the support of our Strategic Partners. With our assistance, you can concentrate on expanding your business while we handle the operational complexities. Our team, with its deep expertise in the Dubai business environment, offers the guidance and support essential for your success. Reach out to us today to find out how we can assist in achieving your business aspirations.

Development Projects

VIP Company Setup offers comprehensive solutions for developing empty plots into factories and warehouses, encompassing every aspect from site selection to facilities management:

  1. Site Selection: Our team assists in choosing the optimal site for your factory or warehouse, considering factors like location, accessibility, zoning, and environmental regulations. We align our site selection with your specific needs and criteria.
  2. Feasibility Study: We conduct thorough feasibility studies to assess the project’s viability, market demand, competition, costs, and technical aspects, ensuring you are informed about potential risks and opportunities.
  3. Design and Planning: In collaboration with our partners, we provide design and planning services, including site plans, construction drawings, and obtaining necessary permits and approvals, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.
  4. Construction Management: Our team and partners oversee the construction process, managing contractors, timelines, budgets, and compliance with building codes. Our focus is on delivering the project within budget and timeframe, without compromising quality.
  5. Project Financing: We assist with evaluating financing options, developing a financing plan, and securing funding from banks and financial institutions. Our expertise covers a range of financing solutions tailored to your project’s needs.
  6. Facilities Management: Post-construction, we offer facilities management services to ensure efficient and effective operation of your factory or warehouse, including maintenance, safety, security, and energy management.

Our experts have years of experience in guiding companies through the process of developing factories and warehouses. Whether you are initiating a new project or expanding an existing one, VIP Company Setup provides the necessary guidance and support to ensure success from start to finish. Contact us to discover how we can transform your empty plot into a thriving factory or warehouse.

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Corporate Firms

VIP Company Setup offers a full suite of A-Z business solutions tailored for international corporate firms looking to expand into Dubai:

  1. Market Research and Feasibility Studies: Our services include comprehensive market analysis and feasibility studies to help you understand the local market, identify growth opportunities, and evaluate the practicality of your business plans.
  2. Company Formation and Registration: We guide you through the legal and administrative procedures required for establishing your business in Dubai, ensuring you obtain all necessary licenses and permits efficiently.
  3. Legal Compliance: Our network includes top law firms in the city, ensuring that your business aligns with local laws and regulations.
  4. Staffing Solutions: We provide support in recruitment and hiring, offering expertise in HR processes and compliance with employment laws and regulations.
  5. Office Space and Location Selection: Our team assists in locating the ideal office space and offers advice on real estate and location strategy to best suit your business needs.
  6. Marketing and Promotional Activities: We can develop and implement a marketing strategy to enhance your brand’s visibility and customer engagement in the Dubai market.

With our extensive experience working with international corporate firms, VIP Company Setup is well-equipped to provide the guidance and support necessary for your successful expansion into Dubai’s vibrant and dynamic market. Contact us to learn how we can facilitate your business’s growth and success in Dubai.

A-Z solutions to Turn your Idea to reality !


At VIP Company Setup, we recognize the critical role of partnerships in business success. To this end, we offer comprehensive A-Z business solutions designed to facilitate successful partnerships, both locally and internationally.

Our team, with extensive experience across various industries and company sizes, is equipped to assist in identifying potential partners, assessing partnership feasibility, and formulating partnership agreements that cater to the interests of all involved parties.

Legal and Compliance Services: We can connect you with a legal firm for compliance services, ensuring that your partnership adheres to local and international laws and regulations.

Financial and Tax Planning: Our services include evaluating the financial aspects of partnerships, including tax considerations, and devising a budget that aligns with your objectives.

Marketing and Promotional Strategies: We assist in developing joint marketing initiatives to promote the partnership and attract customers. This includes crafting a marketing strategy, creating promotional materials, and organizing events and other activities.

At VIP Company Setup, we believe that successful partnerships are rooted in trust, effective communication, and mutual respect. We dedicate ourselves to thoroughly understanding our clients’ needs and goals, striving to forge enduring and fruitful partnerships.

Contact us to discover how our comprehensive business solutions can assist you in establishing successful local and international partnerships.

Shop, Restaurant or Cafe

VIP Company Setup provides end-to-end business solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to establish a restaurant, coffee shop, or retail store in Dubai. Our proficient team is here to guide you through every step, from securing the necessary licenses and permits to acquiring the right equipment and supplies, and formulating an impactful marketing strategy. Additionally, we offer support in menu creation, recruiting staff, and managing various operational facets of running a food or retail business. With our assistance, you can concentrate on delivering a distinct and unforgettable experience for your patrons, while we handle the operational intricacies.

Reach out to us to discover how we can assist you in launching your venture in the thriving restaurant or coffee shop sector in Dubai.

“It takes time, patience, and hard work”

Startup Businesses

VIP Company Setup offers a comprehensive suite of services to assist in every aspect of starting and growing your business in Dubai:

  1. Business Planning: Our skilled business consultants are ready to help you craft a detailed business plan, outlining your objectives, strategies, and financial forecasts, essential for securing funding and maintaining focus.
  2. Branding and Design: We specialize in developing a compelling brand identity that connects with your audience. Our creative team can produce various marketing assets, from logos and websites to social media profiles.
  3. Digital Marketing: Our digital marketing experts can help elevate your brand’s online presence. Services include social media marketing, email campaigns, and search engine optimization (SEO).
  4. Product Development: From design and prototyping to manufacturing, our product development professionals can guide you through bringing your product or service to market.
  5. Funding Assistance: Our funding specialists can identify suitable funding sources and craft compelling pitches to attract investors, offering assistance in financial projections and investor negotiations.
  6. Market Research: Gain insights into your target audience and competitors through our market research services, including surveys, focus groups, and more, to inform your business decisions.
  7. Legal Assistance: Navigate the legal intricacies of starting a business with our legal experts, who can assist with business incorporation, contract drafting, and intellectual property protection.
  8. Business Coaching: Benefit from the guidance of our experienced business coaches, who can identify areas for growth and strategize to tackle challenges, offering you personalized support as your business evolves.

Contact VIP Company Setup to explore how our diverse range of services can support your entrepreneurial journey in Dubai’s dynamic market.

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